New Solutions for the NEXT GENERATION of the Telecommunications Networks and Services


  • Survey and Design.
  • Preparation of Drawings
  • Preparation of CAPEX
  • Business Case Study
fiber supply

Supply of Optical Fiber Cables  & Accessories 

  • Optical Fiber Cables 
  • Joint Enclosures
  • Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Frames
  • Patch Cords
fiber supply civil service

Civil works for Optical Fiber cable

  • Excavation of  Trenches.
  • Cable Testing at Site.
  • Laying of HDPE pipes.
  • Pulling of Optical Fiber Cable.
fiber supply jointing and services

Jointing and Termination of OFC

  • Testing of Cable Before Jointing.
  • Jointing of Optical Fiber Cable.
  • Testing of Optical Fiber Cable Before Termination
  • Termination of Optical Fiber Cable on ODF.
fiber supply fiber optical testing equipment

Test Equipment

  • Fusion Splicers.
  • OTDR.
  • Power Meters.
  • Light Source.
  • Tool kit.

Characterization of Optical fiber Cable

  • Attenuation
  • PMD
  • Insertion loss
  • Back Reflection
  • Chromatic Dispersion

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